Small Groups

Small groups are integral to the life of our congregation, and they play a multi-faceted role at Assembly (we are, after all, the ā€œAssembly ofĀ small groupsā€). Assembly small groups are a more intimate place to share about your life, build community,Ā provide and receive support, grow spiritually, participate in congregational discernment, welcome others into the Assembly community, andĀ have a good time. Over 90% of members and many participants are a part of a small group.

No one will assign you to a group, but Karl Shelly can help you find your way by providingĀ information about existing groups and connecting you with people forming a new group.Ā September is the easiest time to do this, but it can be done throughout the year.

Every September there is opportunity for individuals to ā€œshuffleā€ (change small groups). EntireĀ groups also periodically shuffle at this time, especially those that have not had much turnover forĀ three or more years.

šŸ”’ Current Small Group List