Get involved

This page has links for those involved in Assembly’s church life, and for those interested in getting involved.

One way in which we communicate important events at Assembly is through our email listserv. To add your email to the listserv, please fill out a simple form by clicking here.

Any questions about the following links can be directed to the Administrator by clicking here.


Participant Tasks in 2020

You are encouraged to participate in the life of the congregation in many ways, including sharing gifts of hospitality and caring for our children. In order to have enough participants and to distribute the work equitably, all are encouraged to sign-up for 2 or more tasks.  Click here to indicate which two tasks you would like to do in 2020!


Worship Gifts Survey
If you filled this out in 2018, you do not need to fill it out again.  If you have never filled it out, this is a way to express interest in how you would like to become involved during Sunday morning worship.  Click here to view and fill out the survey.